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New Smoke Extractor ESD

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New Smoke Extractor ESD

Aspirator and Light for repairs on motherboard. An inexpensive 2 in 1 product with a 2-meter arm that can be easily swiveled to be positioned near the work station with the double use of focusing best with the light point but above all to extract the welding fumes (resin flux tin ...). Equipped with a carbon filtering machine for toxic substances, it does not require an exit hole, with the result of a fast and safe positioning on the work bench. Highly recommended .

It has a lot of 12V suction power to extract any volume of smoke. The drain hose is long, 2 m / 78 inches in diameter.

There are two switches, one is used to regulate the intensity of the smoke, the other is used to regulate the intensity of the light.

The smoke exhaust box is equipped with a powerful fan, and carbon filters to filter the smoke.