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HT-102 Thermal Camera For Android Type-C


HT-102 Thermal Camera For Android Type-C

This product is managed by the "Thermal Viewer" software on the mobile phone after connecting to the Android system mobile phone. It is very simple to view the infrared image or measure the surface temperature of objects, this product can be used for HVAC, detection of the difference in building heat, troubleshooting of equipment, preventive and predictive maintenance, etc.
1) Easy to use, simply download the "Thermal Viewer" software to your mobile phone, then insert the thermal imager into your phone and the "Thermal Viewer" software will open automatically. If your phone does not have a USB interface type C, use the original adapter for conversion, the product contains an adapter.
2) Made with high quality materials, practical and long lasting.


Item weight: 19 g
Package dimensions: 175 * 100 * 60 mm
Package weight: 250 g
Temperature range: -20 ℃ to 300 ℃
Resolution: 0.1 ℃ or 0.1 ℉
Infrared image resolution: 32 * 32
Video format: mp4
Image format: png
Plug: USB Type-C + micro usb adapter