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JBC Soldering Station CD-2SQE

JBC Soldering Station CD-2SQE


JBC Soldering Station CD-2SQE

JBC CD-2SQE is a soldering station designed for precision electronic applications.

Offers the best welding quality thanks to the most efficient JBC welding system and also

the Sleep and Hibernation modes, helping to prolong the duration of the tips.

Works with the intelligent heating and hibernation feature exclusive JBC feature.

Thanks to the tip extractor, quick and safe tip changing is facilitated.

Using the menu you can customize more than 20 parameters to help manage the welding process.

It incorporates a USB connector (type B) to update the software and create charts.

More than 30 bits of the C210 range of different geometries and sizes are available. 

The CD-BQ Station is composed by: 1 CD Soldering Station, 1 T210-A General Purpose Handle (Tips not included)

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