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M-Triangel LCD Panel 5 in 1 Vacuum OCA Con Bubble Remover

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M-Triangel LCD Panel 5 in 1

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    Device Power: AC220V 1500W
    Optional AC110V, AC220V
    Working environment: 20-30 ?, clean, clean
    Fitting manner: Flatbed lamination
    Productivity: 90s / 1pcs (independent bonding mode), one hour 80 (Debubblers assisted mode)
    Heating mode: constant heating
    Adaptation size: 7 "all of the following models
    Equipment size: 545 * 420 * 365mm
    Weight: 75kg Package
    Equipment power: 1000W
    Debubblers parameters
    Cavity dimensions: depth 180mm, diameter 120mm (one-time into 15 7-inch screen)
    Operating temperature: The recommended setting is 35 ° C ~ 45 ° C (with appropriately adjusted at different temperatures OCA)
    Debubblers Time: Recommendation 8 to 10 minutes (this time is most appropriate)




    * No mold, no need to be set in addition to the bubble, the bubble may be provided in addition to the secondary increase production;
    * No need to install, plug in the power needed
    * The need for additional auxiliary equipment (such as pumps, air compressors), no vibration, quiet, safe and durable;
    * Fitting cavity using standard 6063 aluminum alloy, durable corrosion never deformation
    * In addition to the bubble chamber 304 15mm thickness using standard stainless steel, safe and reliable.
    * Fit the way the operation can be carried out in addition to the bubble, bubble opposite way can be performed in addition to bonding operations. Efficiency is greatly improved.
    * Device components imported from Japan;
    * A key to start, simple operation;
    * Japanese technology temperature control, temperature accurate to ± 1 ?;
    * Intelligent constant pressure, fit defoaming mode automatically switches;
    * Flatbed lamination mode, the overall lamination, smooth uniform pressure, no stress concentration, no bubbles after the lamination, no indentation, LCD chaos color, smaller and convenient transportation.



    Operating procedures:


    Pressure screen process
    1. Check the power supply is normal, and preload platform for foreign objects;
    2. Turn on the power switch, press the start button, check the equipment for normal operation;
    3. Haotie preset time together, adjustable 03M30S automatic Debubblers or 13S30S addition to the bubble machine-assisted mode. The OCA will cover good glue liquid crystal on the diced foam (foam attention shifted cable IC location, such as cutting foam below);
    4. Open the doors, placed the tray will put the product into the warehouse;

    5. Close the doors;
    6. Press the Start button;
    7. wait 2 to 3 minutes;
    8. Wait for both buttons light off or vacuum table to the lowest value, and then open the doors, remove the product;
     9. The entire process is complete, check whether the product is normal.
    10. In addition to the bubble machine is set to 13S30S assist mode, will carry out in addition to the bubble process.