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G-LON Training Course 3 - 4 Level iPhone X - 15 Pro Max



G-LON Training Course 3 - 4 Level iPhone X - 15 Pro Max

Invitation to the iPhone Repair Masterclass with Wyman Lau
We are excited to announce an amazing opportunity for all iPhone repair enthusiasts and professionals. Participate in our Masterclass with Wyman Lau, the most renowned master in the world in the sector!

Course detail:

Duration: 6 intensive days Contents: Cutting-edge iPhone repair techniques Location: Our headquarters with classrooms equipped with the best repair and diagnostic equipment Teaching Support: An 80-inch OLED monitor to follow every detail of the lessons Course Structure:

Division: Practice and theory, with translation into Italian Cost: 1500 euros At the end of the course, you will receive a personal participation certificate issued by G-Lon, which will certify your new skills.

Don't Miss This Opportunity! Spaces are limited and go quickly. Broaden your knowledge and improve your iPhone repair skills by signing up today.
Hurry, registrations are open!



1. Power on circuit principle and troubleshooting
2. Baseband circuit principle and troubleshooting
3. RF Circuit principle and troubleshooting
4. Camera circuit principle and troubleshooting
5.Audio circuit principle and troubleshooting
6. Display Circuit principle and troubleshooting
7. Display Replacement without windows error solution
8. Touch circuit principle and troubleshooting
9. Face ID circuit principle and troubleshooting
10. Charging circuit principle and troubleshooting

1. CPU
2. CPU broken line and pad recovery
3. SDRAM replacement
4. SWAP with data recovery
5. Motherboard layering and bonding
6. Oscilloscope
7. Dot repair
8. Face ID module layering


-Power on sequence

-Power on working principle

-Power on consumption analysis

-Power on real case repair

-Power on troubleshooting sequence



-CPU Practice

-CPU broken line and pad recovery

-SDRAM replacement


Face ID

-Display Circuit principle

-Display issue troubleshooting

-Display Replacement without windows error solution

-Touch circuit principle and troubleshooting

Touch issue real case repair

Display issue real case repair

-Baseband circuit principle

-BBPMU activation

-Baseband circuit measure points

-Baseband Issue troubleshooting

-RF circuit working principle

-RF circuit measurement

-RFFE measure method

-RF issue fast troubleshooting

-Audio circuit principle 

-Audio issue troubleshooting

-Motherboard layering

-Students question responding

-Chrging principle and troubleshooting



At the end of the course G-Lon will issue a certificate of participation.

course room

the course will be carried out at our facility in a dedicated area, with the latest generation equipment.

course with translator from Chinese to English

Where does the course take place?